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June 11, 2021

Re: 2021 Red Fox Community Anticipated Road Maintenance Projects

From: Red Fox Road Committee

Cc: Red Fox Board Members


In 2020 the Road Committee pursued a replacement of the culvert pipe underneath Blackbird Ln and a resurfacing of Bluebird and Blackbird lanes in their entirety. These projects were necessitated by the need to replace and repair a portion of Blackbird Ln that washed away following torrential rainstorms in the Spring of 2020 and by a general deterioration of the road surfaces.  As part of this effort, the Road Committee, along with select Board members, invited and met with representatives from three paving firms to review the condition of the roads throughout the entire community. Each firm was requested to submit a bid to conduct the work on the 2020 planned projects and comment on likely future road maintenance projects for the Community.

After receiving and evaluating each proposal, the Road Committee recommended that the Board retain Emery Paving whose proposed scope of work, multi-year project approach, and pricing were determined to best meet the needs of the Community given the financial constraints of the annual budget for road maintenance projects (usually in the $15-$20,000 range).

Additionally in 2020, to address speeding issues throughout the Community, the Board committed to the installation of speed humps and related road signage at select locations.   The materials were acquired from TreeTop Products and installed by Eric Jackson, a landscape contractor that conducts additional projects in the Community.


2021 Anticipated Road Maintenance Projects

The Road Committee is recommending to the Board to continue with the road maintenance plan identified as part of the effort conducted in 2020 summarized in the above Background section of this note.

The plan calls for: (1) conducting any necessary projects to address safety issues; and, as budgetary considerations permit, (2) to selectively resurface roads, or road-sections, with the objective of bringing and maintaining, all community roads to a consistent minimum standard of quality.

Specifically, for 2021, the Road Committee recommends:

(1) Repair area by the road island near the intersection of Club Rd and Renard Rd.  The expected scope of work is to repair it 4” of asphalt, coat it with an emulsion and chipseal/sealcoat;

(2) Chipseal/sealcoat Club Rd from the repair area noted in Item 1 above to the back-gate which connects with Golf Course Rd;

(3) Acquire and provide for the installation of speed humps, road signage (including notice signs of Speed Bumps Ahead and Speed Limit 20 mph), and additional Stop signs at select locations in the community to address speeding issues.  The Road Committee along with select Board members will determine the number and location for these items.

The proposed projects were discussed with the Board at meetings held in Jan. and June, and approved at the June meeting.

Current Status

For the chipsealing projects, Items 1 and 2 above, the Board concluded that given the canvassing of paving firms conducted in 2020, it would be appropriate to engage directly with Emery Paving to conduct this work rather than (re-)invite paving firms to bid the planned projects.   John Brodie, the Board member with the longest relationship with Chad Emery, is the lead contact in securing Emery’s services. As of the date of this note, Emery has verbally agreed to conduct the road repairs and resurfacing projects in the Fall of 2021.  Although Emery has yet to provide a written quote, preliminary indications are that pricing will be in the range of $6 to $8 per square yard, consistent with the price of the 2020 projects.

For Item 3, the Board concluded to re-engage with the vendors used in prior years, specifically Treetop Products, for the speed humps and signage and Eric Jackson for the installation of these materials. (Current prices for these materials can be found on; pricing is consistent with that of prior year in addition, the vendor provides for discount/promotional coupons).

Finally, subject to the timing and pricing of the above-noted projects, if there are additional funds left in the road maintenance budget, the Road Committee may recommend additional chipseal/sealcoat work for this year in a later memo.



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