Recycling for 2020

January 8, 2020 No Comments

Jan 8, 2020

To: All Red Fox Run Community Trash Customers:

In my letter on trash pickup, dated Dec. 26, that came out with the assessment
invoice, I mentioned the volatility of the recycling business.
well, to my dismay, I was contacted by Waste Industries, our new trash haulers,
on Tuesday, that due to the rising costs of disposing of recycles, they are unwilling
to offer that service in our area. Their costs far exceed the $60 per year they were going to charge.

So, when you renew your trash service. It will be trash only, weekly service, for $165/ year.
The service year runs from 4-1-2020 thru 3-31-2021. You will receive new carts
prior to April 1, and Republic Services will pick up their carts, as they own them.
Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have already sent payment that includes
recycling, I will contact you by phone to arrange for return of your check and you
writing a new one. Checks made out to Waste Industries.

Thank you for your understanding.

Pete Crandall


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